How does the process look like when purchasing commercial real estate for a business (Part I)

Hello again,

On previous blogs we have spoken about the benefits of owning commercial real estate for your business.

Some benefits are below:

– Favorable rates through the Small Business Association (SBA loans)
– Being the landlord
– Tax Advantages
– Portfolio Diversification
– Equity Appreciation
– Passive Cash Flow opportunities
– Use of Line of Credit
– Retirement supplement
– Control
– Wealth Transfer

If this strikes a chord and […]

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Establishing a clear price strategy

Selling a commercial property is much more complex than simply ordering a sign and taking a few photos. Establishing a clear price strategy, understanding your potential buyers and marketing the property can all be daunting tasks. Here is a tip on doing what is on top of the list, if you want to sell your […]

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Using Leverage to Build Your Commercial Real Estate Portfolio.

You’ve heard of leverage.
The Greek mathematician Archimedes, who was born in 287 BC, said “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”
Today, while leverage is still used to raise and move heavy objects, it’s also used to raise financial fortunes. Employed on both […]

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Tip to sell your commercial property-Understanding investors’

Investors are interested in a particular set of selling points. Attracting the right buyer for your property will assist to sell it in a timely manner. Ensure your information is up-to-date and accurate, as it will come up at the negotiating table! It’s much easier to negotiate a strong and favorable contract if your information […]

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Once again in transition… the story of Little Havana Part II

Real Estate and financial demographics in Little Havana
In past years, growth in housing was slow, but a lot has changed. With zoning regulations now allowing construction of multi-story buildings on small lots with no parking spaces, more builders are stepping up. This suits the new generation of residents who prefer to walk or ride a […]

Once again in transition… the story of Little Havana Part I

Once Again In Transition… The Story Of Little Havana Part I
Taken from an article we wrote last year about a neighborhood that we serve, love and know well…

Miami’s Little Havana is a neighborhood once again in transition. As such it is a land of opportunity for builders, real estate investors, and business entrepreneurs.

In the 1930’s […]

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Why we like multifamily buildings as an investment?

As you already know, one of our favorite commercial investment asset class is multifamily dwellings, but today we are going to talk about why we like it so much.

We specialize in representing sellers and buyers with apartment buildings in South Florida, specifically Miami-Dade County; which happens to be one of the hottest markets in […]

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Investing in luxury condos versus multifamily dwelling units

Hello Again,

After sharing the story of our friend on the last blog “How much return am I really making from my investment property?” We decided to write about investing in luxury condos versus multifamily dwelling units.

Recently we were referred to a potential client that had invested in over 50 luxury condos, townhouses and single-family homes […]

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Today we want to talk about investing in commercial real estate

Today we want to talk about investing in real estate and how many people think they are receiving higher returns on their investments than what they actually are. We feel this is a very important topic, because we see it all the time with family, friends and clients. That is why, we decided to […]